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Landscaping In Albion

It’s no secret that for many people their yards and outdoor lands are frequently under appreciated, overlooked and not given the care they deserve. Yet the outside property we own is every bit as critical to the beauty and functionality of our homes as the inside spaces we are so quick to adorn and beautify.

Melbourne Landscape Architects believe that every property owner should be aware of the potential locked away in their front and back yards

These humble patches of land have the power to transform both the image of our homes and the joy we can get from spending time in them. We possess years of experience that helps us see the possibilities for your property, giving you the opportunity to truly unlock what your garden is capable of and create a space that is equally appealing to look at and pleasant to spend time in

So whether you want a carefully created garden that is a thing of delicate beauty, an open fun space for children and family events, or some mix of the two, Landscape Design Albion will help you turn these ambitions into a reality. 

Transform your outdoor areas and discover what your garden is capable of today with Melbourne Landscape Architects in Albion


With our extensive experience and team of skilled staff, we offer landscaping in Albion that is guaranteed to breathe fresh life into your property and make it as attractive and functional as you’ve always wished. Our services include the following.


landscape design plan


Our world class team of creatives love to design landscapes. Just share with us your outdoor vision and we'll bring it to life.

pool landscape


Having a swimming pool in the backyard is apart of living the Australian dream. Our pool designs brings that aesthetic value to your property that your home deserves.

hands planting flowers


If digging your hands in soil just isn't for you.....let our team of experienced horticulturalists get you nicely set-up with a beautiful garden landscape design that you've always dreamed of sharing with your loved ones.

melbourne landscape design


Concrete, metal, timber brick or rock garden edging. Keep your garden looking tidy with our durable garden edging designs.

outdoor fountain


Life get's stressful so your home should be your sanctuary. Bring some zen into your life with a beautiful Balinese or Japanese inspired water feature.

lawn mower


Not many people enjoy the work that goes into up-keeping their lawns, but they do enjoy the gratification of having clean and healthy grass in their front or back yards. Our Melbourne Landscape Architects, actually enjoy both because it's kind of our thing so let us take this chore over for you.

washing decking


From retaining walls to decking, timber work to driveways and walkways we've got you covered. If you're looking to repair your hardscape or build something from scratch, our skilled craftsman follow a detailed installation and finishing system that will leave your hardscape looking fantastic for years to come.



Set yourself up with an automated irrigation system that's going to save you money, time and water waste. We'll build you a custom solution to irrigation, pumping water harvesting for all sizes.



Whether you're looking for a practical or decorative approach to paving your driveway or walkway, our team of designers and builders know how to effectively use your paving to enhance your outdoor area and compliment your properties architecture through the use of well chosen colour, texture. layout and more.

We make the process as easy as possible


Schedule a consultation online, and let’s discuss your priorities. This allows us to get aligned around your vision and goals for the project


Our award-winning team designs an outdoor space that’s as unique as you are. We will create a design customised for your outdoor space and lifestyle.


Let us take care of the hard work, so you can relax as your landscape comes to life. Now you can love the outside space you have to host parties and live!

What People Think About Us

Had an amazing experience with Melbourne Landscape Architects. The design and construction team were exceptionally professional. Costs were also carefully tracked throughout the job which gave me peace of mind that the job was on budget.

Lisa Tran
Hallem, VIC

I would highly recommend Melbourne Landscape Architects. They have transformed our large roof terrace to a beautiful and functional space. They were such a pleasure to have in my home and very creative! Thank you so much Sam and Ben.

David Crossan
Camberwell, VIC

The team at Melbourne Landscape Architects exceeded my expectations. They created an amazing landscaped garden, with care and professionalism. Highly recommend.

Tyrone Williams
Albion, VIC


A Landscape designer works to achieve the best use of your land and create a beautiful and functional garden. We take your vision and turn it into reality by drawing up design plans to show the layout of the garden beds, entertaining areas, retaining walls, grassed areas and water features will be.

At MLA we produce the functional and beautiful designs that you are looking for and won’t stop until we get it right! 

The cost of landscaping will of course depend on the scope of work. Softscaping (horticultural work) is cheaper than hardscaping (e.g. paving or building a deck/pergola). There are costs for design, construction, new plants, lighting, retaining walls and more. To learn more, give us a quick call so we can give you a realistic price.

It’s easy as one, two, three. Give us a call so we can discuss your project and goals. Then we go to the drawing board to sketch and design your vision. After this we make that vision a reality by constructing your new landscape paradise.

Generally 6 weeks for the average project. After a site visit it will take 3 – 4 weeks to complete the design. After the design our basic landscape installs only take 1 – 2 weeks with bigger projects taking 2 – 3 weeks. Keep in mind that every job is different so get in contact soon to start planning ahead.

If you don’t have any plans or ideas for your landscape don’t worry. Our experienced landscape staff will guide you through the entire process.

Our landscape designer will have an onsite consultation with you and ask you questions to brainstorm your needs. They will look and feel out your space, lighting and surrounding area before offering suggestions.

We are always ready to help where we can. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.

We do projects of all sizes! Get in contact and let’s see how we can give your garden a sense of space.

Hiring the right landscaping company will take the headaches and stress out of your landscaping project. With professionals doing your work, you only have to worry about sitting back and enjoying watching your new outdoor living space come to life.

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